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 Legendary Items - Advanced I

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Legendary Items - Advanced I Empty
PostSubject: Legendary Items - Advanced I   Legendary Items - Advanced I I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2012 1:56 pm

Hello again everyone! I'm seeing more of you come up the ranks towards 45 so you should be well on your way to getting that first Legendary Item (LI). If you have no idea what an LI is... go read the basic guide first Very Happy

I hope this slightly more advanced blurb doesn't confuse you too much! Shocked Question

I. Why Do I Have Six Slots in My LI Panel?

In your LI panel, you have a maximum of 6 slots - so 6 LIs you can be leveling at the same time. You should be constantly looking out for new LIs that you want to level and slot these so that they gain levels and you can find out how powerful they are (how many and which major and minor legacies they have). Once you have established that an LI is not for you, you have a choice to either stop it from gaining any more item XP (giving your main LIs more per kill/quest) or keep gaining some XP so that you can extract a legacy from it or gain extra relics.

Unless you are currently using an LI, DO NOT SLOT ANYTHING such as settings, runes, gems, or crafted items into it. Unless you have a scroll of removal you will not get these items back.

II. How Can I Extract A Legacy from an LI?

So you don't really like the LI you've slotted, but there is a legacy on it that you really like and would like to get that onto another LI to make it uber-l33t what do you do? Get the LI in question to level 31, then deconstruct it. At level 31, you pull many relics as well as a legacy scroll from the LI. You can then apply this scroll to another LI to replace a current legacy that you don't like as much.

*NOTE: The legacy that you pull off an LI will only be good on another LI of a similar level (rounded up to the nearest 0 or 5).

-if you pull a legacy off of a level 61 LI, the scroll you get from it will only be able to be applied to an LI of a maximum level of 65.

-if you pull a legacy off of a level 65 LI, the scroll you get from it will only be able to be applied to an LI of a maximum level of 65.

III. When to Switch My LI?

*sniff* *sniff* Say it ain't so!

...yes the time will come when that LI you have treated like your baby will need to be deconstructed. It's like losing an old friend that has seen you through many levels. It's tough, but must be done at some point!

So, when is this point? A good guideline is that once you are 5 levels above your LI's level, it is time for an upgrade.

Before deconstructing your LI, ensure that you have another LI to take its place. The last thing you want to do is dump your fully loaded LI for one that has nothing. Also, if you want to remove anything from the LI (settings, gem, rune, crafted) you will require a scroll of removal. If you just deconstruct the LI, you will not get these items back.

IV. Do I Really Need to Get Rid of My LI?

You really want to hang onto that LI do you? ... well there is a way (sort of). Scrolls of Empowerment and/or Scrolls of Delving are rare to come by but they can upgrade the level of your legacy (empowerment) or LI (delving) by 10.

These scrolls are either quest rewards (keep these!), drops (very rare), result of deconstruction (very rare), or as barter items from various vendors (your best chance).

V. What is Better, a lvl(x) 3rd age LI or a lvl(x) 2nd age LI?

Oh this question... I'll try to answer this two ways.

The complex Answer
(numbers are from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Ok let's flex your math brain for a minute shall we? study

**please note the difference between LI Level and LI Item Level.
LI Level - An LI can be level 45, 50, 60, 61 ect, ect. This is the maximum level of the LI or the LI Level.
LI Item Level - Each LI starts at item level 0. Through XP and reforging, you can max this out for any LI at level 70.

Let us compare LIs of the same LI Level (ie. a Level 60 LI)

At item level 70:
-a 3rd age LI has 670 total points for allotment towards legacy upgrades
-a 2nd age LI has 750 total points for allotment towards legacy upgrades (12% increase from 3rd age)
-a 1st age LI has 830 total points for allotment towards legacy upgrades (10% increase from 2nd age, 24% increase from 3rd age)

So it's obvious that for LIs of the same level {1st > 2nd > 3rd} right? Yes! ... but the time investment in 2nd or 1st age LI's might just be too much and you will likely outgrow your weapon before it is fully upgraded. How's this?

To get to item level 70:
-a 3rd age LI requires 1,267,828 XP
-a 2nd age LI requires 2,067,828 XP (67% increase from 3rd age)
-a 1st age LI requires 3,667,828 XP (80% increase from 2nd age, 200% increase from 3rd age!)

To get your toon from Level 60 to level 70 requires 4,264,510 XP.

What does this tell us? Basically getting a First Age LI at level 60 (yes all those Moria Turtle Runs) and not applying any extra XP runes to it, you will finally get your First Age LI fully upgraded just 1 or 2 levels before you turn level 70. And guess what? It would be time to replace it by that point or you'd be using an LI that isn't suited for your level! Sure First age LIs are great to have and look all shiny and pretty... but are they worth it? The choice is yours, but I would generally say don't waste money on first age LIs until you reach max level for your toon.

How About a First Age Level 60 LI vs a Second or Third Age Level 65 LI?

This is actually an easier question. Basically, LOOK AT THE DEFAULT LEGACY! Each LI has a default legacy (ie. for minstrels, it is tactical healing for our class item, or tactical damage for our weapons). Each legacy has a default starting stat based on the level of the LI. So that means a level 60 first, second, or third age LI starts at the same default legacy number. A level 65 LI (of any age) will start at a higher number than the level 60, but not higher than a level 60 fully upgraded. A level 70 LI (of any age) will start at a higher number than the level 65, but not higher than a level 65 fully upgraded (but it will be higher than a level 60 fully upgraded!)

Do your comparisons and make your own judgements.

The Simple Answer

My Math got you lost did it? scratch

The simplest that I can boil it down to is:
-When comparing LIs of the same level (1st age > 2nd age > 3rd age) but don't worry too much about 1st age until you get to max level.
-When comparing LIs of different levels, look at the base legacy (for minstrels it is tactical healing or tactical damage) and compare that with the LI you want to replace. If it is close or higher, it might be time to swap out.

[b]V. What is an LI "Upgrade?"

So you think you've leveled your LI to the max? Do you want to give yourself that extra edge still? Fear not... Turbine has released something that will either: drain your TP, drive you mad grinding end-game dungeon runs, or take all of your in-game gold. What is this magical item?

The much-talked-about [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. You can apply up to 3 of these to any LI up to level 75.

They raise the rank of EVERY legacy you have on the LI by 1 rank.

Star-lit crystals improve 3rd age LIs > 2nd age > 1st age.
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Legendary Items - Advanced I
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