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 Legendary Items - The Basics

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PostSubject: Legendary Items - The Basics   Legendary Items - The Basics I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 04, 2012 2:28 pm

Ah Legendary Items (LIs). They are a confusing and sometimes infuriating but very necessary part of the game. Here is my attempt to get the wild world of LIs down to a few paragraphs and hopefully save some kinnies some of the time and frustration and make your experience in middle earth a little more enjoyable (as you grind through the dark and depressing area realm of Moria that is...)

I. What is a Legendary Item (LI)?

All classes have the ability to handle 2 LIs. You get a main hand (MH) weapon and a class item (CI) which are specialized to your class.

LIs are split into ages and levels.

A LI can be Third Age (TA), Second Age (SA), or First Age (FA) with the latter being the rarest of the bunch. A FA LI can be levelled far more than a TA LI.

LIs have a level to them. Your starting LI set is level 45. You will see different levels of LIs until level cap. Humanoid mobs will drop LIs (usually at their level). So if you want a level 60 LI, go grind level 60 mobs.

II. Where Do I Get LIs?

At level 45, go to Echad Dunnan in Eregion and begin Volume II Book 1 of the epic quest line. Completing this will grant you access to all Forge-masters and Relic-masters that you will find in many Middle Earth towns from Moria onwards.

After your starting set, you can either grind LIs from mobs, or take it to the Auction House and see what is available. A guilded crafter can also forge you some LIs.

III. What is a Forge-master?

A forge-master allows you to identify or reforge LIs. You must first identify an LI before you can use it. After gaining several levels, you must reforge your LI before it can continue gaining experience.

IV. What is a Relic-master?

A relic-master allows you to deconstruct LIs to gain relics or combine low-level relics into more advanced (random) relics. You can also meld low-level relics into more advanced relics of your choosing.

Refining relics will destroy the relics but will give you shards. Shards are a currency you can use at the relic-master to perform different types of actions such as melding.

V. Why Should I Use LIs?

LIs gain experience as you do... so in a way they develop with you! All LIs have Legacies that you can upgrade with the points you gain through levelling your LI. Besides, LIs just look so cool when they're glowing Wink

VI. What are Legacies?

Legacies are separated into major and minor. Major legacies are what Turbine believes are the most critical to your class. Minor legacies are ones that are great to have but are of less importance than majors.

Legacies on an LI are random. If you don't get the legacies you want upon identification, deconstruct it for relics. If you get a rare LI that you can "work with," keep it and acquire some scrolls to customize it how you want.

VII. What Scrolls Can I Use on LIs?
There are many scolls you can use on your LIs to customize it. Some scrolls change the damage type your LI will do, some scrolls allow you to reassign points to your LI before reforging, some scrolls allow you to recover all relics applied to your LI without deconstructing, some scrolls allow you to increase the level of your LI by a few levels beyond what it should.

VIII. What are Settings, Gems, Runes, and Crafted Items?
These are all items that you can slot into you LI to customize it for you. Depending on your class, you will choose settings, gems, runes and crafted items with different characteristics.

This is the first attempt to answer a lot of questions about LIs in a very short piece. I'm sure I've missed something along the lines here so please feel free to comment or add anything.

For a more detailed look at LIs (to really make your head spin), please vist:
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PostSubject: Re: Legendary Items - The Basics   Legendary Items - The Basics I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 05, 2012 12:58 am

Very helpfull guide !! TY Batal Smile

5 more lvls for my 1st LI

go go !! Very Happy
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Legendary Items - The Basics
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