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 A Basic Guide to Grouping

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PostSubject: A Basic Guide to Grouping   A Basic Guide to Grouping I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 24, 2012 2:39 pm


Hello everybody! It's your neighbourly(there's my Canadian spelling for you!) healing hobbit here with a quick guide on Grouping.

I've had the chance to run a few instances with some of you and I thought that it might be a good thing to have a very basic reference guide to grouping so that everyone can understand and be successful at their roles in a group.

Remember that you don't need the best gear or the best stats to run well in instances (but it never hurts!) you just need to know how to fulfill your role and do it well. Running well in a group means that you are more likely to be asked into a group again and that you won't be avoided when you ask around for anyone wanting to do a run (yes this happens!)

While you are reading this, you might find yourself saying, "Self, there seems to be a big focus on the Main Tank and Main Healer." and you would be absolutely correct! Just remember, main healer goes down, there is a good chance that your group will wipe.


Main Tank (MT)

Guardians, wardens, you were built for this! ... If none are available, it is the person with the highest morale and AC. They are responsible for making EVERYTHING mad at them. AoE away and make sure you hold on to all aggro. If a DPS pulls aggro from you, chase that mob down and pick it back up.

If you see someone running to you with a mob, pick it up.

If you see your healer getting hit, pick up that mob.

It's a tough job getting everybody to hate you... but your group loves you for it!

The Puller

The person in change of engaging combat. 99% of the time, this will be the MT. There are small circumstances that the MT must be in a defined area, and a ranged DPSer (ie hunter) will pull and bring the mob to the MT.

Some DPSers might say to themselves, "Why shouldn't I pull? I have so much more range!" The answer is simple. You are a DPS class, you do a lot of damage, but that makes the MTs job that much harder to get the aggro back after you hit hard.

Main Assist (MA) aka Off-Tank

If there is another Guardian or warden available, this role is for them. But Captains and Champions do a fine job at this as well.

In many ways, the MA "runs" the instance. If the MT is the head coach, the MA is the quarter back (is that American Football analogy enough to lose some of you?). Ok, so the MA's job is to prioritize which order mobs are targeted.

The raid assist target should be set to the MA and all DPS classes should support this target.

Healer (or MH for Main Healer)

Minstrels and Rune Keepers are equal when it comes down to healing a group (as long as the player knows how to play the class correctly) and should function as the MH. In lower level instances, a Lore Master or Captain can do this too but I wouldn't recommend it at higher levels.

It's pretty easy right? A healer keeps everyone alive. That simple? Well, sort of.

The MH's responsibilities in order of priority are:
-Themselves (although if they are getting hit from aggro heals, the off-healer should be healing the MH)
-The MT
-Everyone Else

With the above being said, if you are a DPS class, please do not get angry at a MH for "letting you die" if you do end up dying. The MH needs to watch out for the MT, if you draw too much aggro and the MT is in any sort of trouble, the MH will not jeopardize a full wipe to heal you.

The MH needs to make sure the MT grabs aggro before putting down big heals. All mobs in this game get aggro'ed by healers easily. Cast a HoT on the MT before battle, and wait for the MT to get aggro before beginning to heal harder.

Crowd Control (CC) {this section directly from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

This is anyone who has any sort of Stun or Mezz. In our group, the primary crowd controller is the Loremaster. He has a single target Mezz spell (not a stun) that last for 30 secs with a 15 second refresh from what I recall. What that boils down to is that he can "lock up" two targets as long as he wishes barring resists, and can lock up one target nigh forever. The target he wants to lock down is usually the one doing the most damage, which in nearly all cases is the Boss, or highest LVL in the mob group. He must physically target the highest mob, and focus on keeping him quiet and in a Mezzed state. Mezz differs from Stun because Mezz will be broken by any sort of damage, AOE included. The only thing that breaks the Loremaster's Mezz should be the spell duration, or the Main Tank. No one else should be attacking that mob ever, and as long as the MA and MT learn what a Mezzed mob looks like, it won't happen. As of Book 14, auto-attacking will turn off if you select a mob that is mezzed, but it still can be overridden or attacked by a skill. After Mezzing, the CC is free to open up any damage and offense available, however, he must always have enough power left over to remezz, and even "hold" a target indefinitely if the healer asks him to so that he may regen power. The CC is an important position, because if there is an add, and the MT can't get to the new mob in time, he must try to hold them off with a Mezz. Once the CC gets comfortable in that role, things will be literally lining up to die.

In LOTRO, the Burglar, Hunter, and the Minstrel also have some CC, some of which stun ("Mez") the opponents, some of which prevent the opponent from moving. The latter only helps against melee enemies, while stuns help against any kind of enemy. How it all breaks out is as follows:

Blinding Flash: 30 second mezz w/ 15 second refresh (does NOT work on "The Dead")
Bane Flare: 5s Stun + 10s mezz for the Dead
Various short stuns and roots (Test of Will, Herb-lore, Cracked Earth)
Cry of the Valar, which is a 10 second fear (Evil Only)
Song of the Dead at lvl 18 ("the dead" only mez)
Riddle - only works on Sentient Creatures (no animals or bugs) (30 dur/ 60 refresh unless in Mischief Stance (30/30)
Confound - Slows attack speed by 5% for 15s / Applied on Expiration: Dazes <30s (Only in Mischief Stance)
Cry of the Predator - Only works on Animals
Bard's Arrow - Only works on sentient creatures (Legendary)
Various Traps and Lures - Mostly useful against melee opponents

Every class gets a few various stuns or roots, so therefore we have to coordinate the Crowd Control a little bit. If we are in the Great Barrow, then the Loremaster cannot do CC and he becomes a DPS. But he must also help heal as much as possible on the MT because the Minstrel is worrying about CC a little as well. The Burglar loses a little DPS, but becomes a little CC as well.

And now, everyone else...

DPS (Damage per Second)

Yes yes, we all know you can do 2000+DPS and can crit for over 10K. That's great! ... but don't show your group right away.

The DPS class must ensure that the MT can hold aggro. That means that ysitting on your fingers for the first few hits of the fight and gradually start ramping up your attacks. You shouldn't be hitting full on until the mob has about 60-50% morale otherwise you risk taking aggro from the MT. If you do this, the MH may not be able to save you if the MT is taking other damage.

DPS classes should be assisting the MA's target and picking off low-level adds that pop up during fights (summoned non-elite mobs etc etc) and picking off archers or ranged mobs trying to take out the MH.

Secondary Healer (SH) aka Off-Healer

The role of SH is sometimes more hectic than the MH since they are responsible for everyone's health other than the MT.

A SH basically watches all the DPS classes and the MA and makes sure they stay up.

In A Nutshell

Grouping can be the most rewarding or the most frustrating experience ever. Please do your part and know your role so that everyone can have fun.

Communication is the key (establish roles before the fist mob is pulled): who is MT, who is MH, who is MA, who is SH, who is CC? You can have the best geared and best traited toons ever... but without communication, the group will surely fail.

Here's hoping this will help you especially as you approach Moria, where grouping is essential.

Slay often, slay well!
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PostSubject: Re: A Basic Guide to Grouping   A Basic Guide to Grouping I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2012 6:22 am

VERY GOOD JOB !! Very Happy
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A Basic Guide to Grouping
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